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Introduction to Online PokerPro Poker Guide's Intro to Online Poker

Online poker is exploding in popularity. Everyone is playing it. Some are playing for play money while other are playing for real money. If you're reading this article, that means you are already familiar with going online. Now let us give you a quick introduction to playing poker online.

Why Play Poker Online?

There are many reasons why millions of people are playing poker online each day.
1) You can play in the comfort of your own home at any time you like. Can't sleep at night? Get a few rounds of poker in. You can even play in your pajamas.
2) Bad poker face? That would not be a problem when playing online.
3) You can play multiple tables at once.
4) There's always a seat, unlike casino where there is an average wait of two hours to get a seat.
5) You can do other things while playing online. You can watch TV, run to the fridge to get something to eat or drink, etc.
6) You can play with people from around the world.
The list goes on, but you get the idea by now.

Cons of Playing Poker Online
Playing poker online is different from playing in real life. You can lose a lot more money playing online. The speed in which poker is played online is a lot faster than real life games. You can easily play over 100 hands a hour at an online table. Most poker sites will let you play multiple tables at once! Another problem is that you don't have the actual chips or money in your hands. Because of that, you are less reluctant to call high bets or go all in.

Getting Started
You should start out with a poker site that is easy to use and has a high review score. Click here to see our review on poker sites. After you select a poker site and have downloaded and installed their software, you should start with play money. That way, you can get a good feel on how poker is played online. Some poker sites are very easy to get into, while other takes a while to get use to it.

Winning millions of dollars in play money does not mean you're going to filthy rich playing real money games! People play a lot better and tighter in real money games. So don't think you're just going to win like you did with play money. Go watch a few of the real money tables to get a feel of it first. When you think you're ready, we highly recommend you use our bonus codes and links to get up to 100% bonus on your first deposit!

Common Online Poker Terms that people will use in chats.
GG = Good Game GH = Good Hand TY = Thank You
LOL = Laugh Out Loud NH = Nice Hand PL = Pot Limit
NL = No Limit GL = Good Luck CYA = See You

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