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Howard Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold em Howard Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold'em

Howard Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold'em DVDHoward Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold'em DVD
DVD Release Date: September 28, 2004
Run Time: 90
ProPokerGuide's Review Score: 3(out of 5)

Howard Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold'em DVD Description
Howard Lederer, The Professor of Poker, and holder of 10 major titles, teaches you everything you need to know to elevate your game fast. As an added bonus, Howard provides you with a powerful and easy to understand chart, making it easy for you to make the right decisions, when playing your hand. Whether you are preparing to enter your first tournament, hitting a local casino, or playing at home with friends; Howard can teach you to succeed.

ProPokerGuide's Howard Lederer's Secrets of No Limit Hold'em DVD Review
Let's cut straight to the point about this dvd. Most of the information covered in this dvd is for beginners. The video starts off by going into details about setting up a home tournament and even comes with a nice simple paper chart on when blinds should goes up. The rest of the DVDs goes on to the about how the basic game is played in Texas Hold Em.

Towards the end of the hour and half video is where some of the "secrets" comes out. You'll learn in details on pre flop strategies. Howard Lederer will tell you about what players might do in certain situations depending on the cards. After that he will show you a few common poker tells from poker players with demonstration on each one.

Overall this DVD guide is a pretty good video to watch if you are new to Texas Hold Em or would like to set up a home poker tournament. It's one of the better poker videos that is on the market. It includes a few quick help poker sheets on pot odds, home tournaments, pre flop strategies, and more. If you want advance strategies, then you will learn more from than this video. rates this DVD a score of 3 out of 5.

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