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Paradise Poker's Overall Summary: (Score 7.00 out of 10)
Paradise Poker was one of the first poker site to hit the Internet. High Traffic poker site with unique features and a huge variety of games. If you like heads up game, then you should definitely check out Paradise Poker. A nice site to play on with satellite tournaments for the WPT and WSOP. Read our full review of below. We will update the review and bonus codes if there is any changes to Paradise Poker.

Paradise Poker Info Paradise Poker Scores (7.00)
Paradise Poker's Pros and Cons
Established: 1999
Country: Costa Rica
Website: Click Here
Paradise Poker: Screenshots
Traffic (9)
Game variety (10)
Rake (6)
Software and Graphics (8)
Support (5)
Loyalty bonus (6):
Deposit & withdrawal options (5)
- Wide Variety of Games
- High Traffic
- Unique Poker Table Features

- Only Email Support
- Lack of Bonus
- Ads to their other casino sites everywhere

ProPokerGuide Paradise Poker's Bonus Codes for new players: Use this link to get 25% bonus up to $50 Extra on First Deposit MadCool: Enter our user ID: MadCool during sign up to get $50 bonus on your first deposit. That's an 100% bonus on a $50 deposit! Click here to see where you should enter MadCool

Paradise Poker's Traffic (9):
Traffic for is pretty good. One of the highest among poker sites. There was over 10,000 players, and over 1000+ tables actively being played during our review. The waiting list feature is pretty useful as the tables does get filled pretty quickly. We did encounter a bot in our test of the one on one games. Aside from that one bot, everyone else in the other tables was pretty friendly with a lot of chatting going around.

Paradise Poker's Game Variety (10): offers a huge variety of poker games. Aside from the usual texas hold em, ohama, and stud games that you commonly find at poker sites, Paradise Poker also have Draw, Pineapple, and even One on One games. You can play for free or play real money. Each one has various pot limit and no limit tables for you to play in. Big Blinds start as low as $0.10. Paradise Poker also offers various tournaments for you to join. Buyin starts at a friendly $1. The variety of poker tournament is constantly growing. No high stakes poker yet.

Paradise Poker's Rake (6):
Paradise Poker's rake is on par with the other poker sites. All tournaments will have a 9% house fee. It doesn't matter if the buy in is $1 or $100, the house fee will be 9%. That's not bad compare to the average 10% house fee that other poker sites charges. Paradise Poker has a "no flop - no drop" rake policy.

Paradise Poker's Software and Graphics (8):'s lobby was a nice change from other poker sites. The software was pretty stable the whole time. The poker table was pretty unique in their own way. Next to each seat is a table(see screenshots below). That table can be used to hold drinks, foods, and/or cigars. Paradise Poker has a menu which you can click if you're not busy in a hand. That menu offers a wide variety of selection for you to choose from. Another unique feature that they have is a chat bubble when you talk. The only complain is the dull gold or silver plate that is used to show your name and how much money that you have.

Paradise Poker's Support (5): only offers email support at this time. The response time is better than the average poker sites.

Paradise Poker's Loyalty Bonus (6):
Paradise Poker has an loyalty program that is on par with most of the other poker sites. If you refer a friend, then you will get a $50 bonus while your friend gets a $50 bonus. Other poker sites usually only give a $25 bonus to the person who is referred. If you want to join their affiliate program, you'll have to register for another accountt with another site.

Paradise Poker's Deposit & Withdrawal Options (5):
Paradise Poker's deposit and widthdrawal options are pretty limited.
Paradise Poker's Deposit options: VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, FirePay, Wire Transfer, and Bank Transfer Cash out options: NETeller, FirePay, and check by mail

Paradise Poker ScreenShots

Paradise Poker
In this screenshot, you can see hand being played. That's our own PPG player "MadCool" winning a hand. You can also notice the cup of tea to the left of him which he ordered, and the chat bubble which comes up when you talk.
This is how's lobby looks like with the waiting list option open.

Paradise Poker Bonus Code
Enter our user id: MadCool for a $50 bonus on our first deposit!

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