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Earn $10 Extra for Poker ReferralPPG's Earn $10 Extra for Poker Referral

Let refer you to a poker site and we will sent you an extra $10 in addition to the sign up bonus (usually $25 on a $50 deposit )that you are getting. Most poker site will have a Tell a Friend Referral system. If you let us refer you using that method, we will sent you an additional $10 once you hit your bonus! Here's how you can take advantage of ProPokerGuide's exclusive offer.

1) Register at our friendly poker forum
2) Send a private message (PM) to MadCool with the poker site name and your email address that you would like us to send the referral to.
3) We will then refer you using the tell a friend feature for that poker site.
4) Sign up when you get that referral email and deposit the minimum required deposit
5) Once you played enough to get the bonus released, we will transfer an additional $10 to your players account! If the poker site does not offer account transfer, then we will pay via PayPal.

That's a total of $35 free on a $50 deposit for most poker site!

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