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Bad Beats TiltPro Poker Guide's Bad Beats and Tilt

All poker player will have at least one bad beat story that they would love to share with you. A bad beat usually leads to a player being on tilt. All poker players go on tilt at least once. Being on tilt means letting your emotions get the better of you and affecting the way you play poker. Players who get upset and don't stay focused will lose all the money they brought to the table.

An example of a bad beat is: You're holding pocket Aces, and goes all in. Your opponent calls you with a 3 5 off suit.

- The flop comes out Ace, 10, 8. You hit triple Aces! Your heart skips a beat as you start thinking about the money that you're about to win.
- The Turn flops a 2. You're still winning. You're thinking this hand is all your by now.
- The river comes a 4. Your heart drops as you realize that he hit back to back cards for a Ace to Five straight!

A bad beat like this will drive anyone to tilt. How in the world can he call you on 3 5 off suit? How can he hit back to back cards for the straight. You can't think straight and starts playing aggressive to get back at him. It wouldn't be long before you're out of the game when this happens.

Annoying Players
Another way that can cause you to go on tilt is when another player is getting into your head by trash talking you. He is trying to make you lose your cool so you can tilt. That is when he will take advantage of you and your money. When you encounter a person like this, just stay focus and block him out. Put on headphones and turn on some music if you have to.

Signs you're on tilt or is tilting.
- You're playing hands that you normally don't play
- You start betting aggressively on weak cards
- You start calling everything in hopes to catch that long shot one card.
- You want to get back into the action as soon as possible.
- You are cursing at the players or dealers
- You start questioning your own abilities and confidence.

What to do When You're on Tilt
Take a deep breath and stay calm. Sit out a few hands and take a walk to clear your head. Got beat by back to back cards? Someone called your all in with 2 7 off suit and won? Just let it go. Think of it this way. Your opponent may have won by insane luck this time, but in the long run, you will win a lot more than you lose if the same type of hand came up.

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