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When playing Texas Hold Em, you'll find your self missing one card or two cards to make your hand even better. To help you make your decisions of calling or folding, you could use the number of "outs" to help you decide. Be sure to check out our poker outs and odds chart with examples.

In order to compute the odds of finding the card you need on the board, you will need to know two things. The first is how many "outs" you have. "Outs" are the number of cards that can make your hand.

Flush Draw Outs Example
You're holding 69 and the flop is AKQ
You are looking for that flush on the turn, there are 9 cards that can help you. (13 hearts in the deck - 4 hearts in your hand or on the board = 9 hearts remaining).

Since two cards are in your hand, and three are on the board, there are 47 card remaining. (52-2=50 followed by 50-3=47). Now computing the odds is a simple division problem. 9 cards that can help, divided by 47 cards out there, equals 19.1%. (9 ÷ 47 = 19.14%). You have a 19.1% chance of hitting the flush on the turn card.

The turn card is: J
You are still looking for that flush, and you only have the river left to help you. You still have 9 outs, but your odds are slight higher now that we seen one more card. There is now 46 cards left. 9 ÷ 46 = 19.6% of you hitting the flush on the river.

That right there is how we calculate poker outs and odds.

Poker outs for common hands:
Flush Outs: Catching it on the turn are 19.1%, on the river is 19.6%. Catching it on the turn or the river is 35.0%
Open Ended Straight Outs : Catching your card on the turn, 17.0%. On the river, 17.4%. On the turn or the river, 31.5%
Inside Straight Outs: Catching your card on the turn, 8.5%. On the river, 8.7%. Catching it on the turn or the river: 16.5%

Poker Outs Chart and Example
Outs: Examples (after flop) Turn % River % Turn & River %
22: You're holding AdAh. Flop is AcJhQh. Turn is Kh. 22 outs for straight or better. 46.8 47.8 72.2
21: Open End Straight Flush Draw with Two Overcards. Holding QhJh. Flop is 9h 10h 4c 44.7 45.7 69.9
20: Improving a Pair with a Flush Draw to Two Pair or Better 42.6 43.5 67.5
19: You're holding AdAh. Flop is Ac6h9h. Turn is Kh. 19 outs for flush or better. 40.4 41.3 65.0
18: Straight or Flush Draw with an Overcard 38.3 39.1 62.4
17: Open End Straight Flush Draw with an Overcard 36.2 37.0 59.8
16:You're holding 6d6h. Flop is 7c5h6h. Turn is 8h. 16 outs for straight or better. 34.0 34.8 57.0
15: Flush Draw with Two Overcards. Flop is 369. Flush(9) Ace(3) King(3) 9+3+3=15 31.9 32.6 54.1
14: Open End Straight Draw with Two Overcards 29.8 30.4 51.2
13: Improving Top Pair with Open End Straight Draw to Two Pairs or Better 27.7 28.3 48.1
12: Flush Draw with Inside Straight Draw 25.5 26.1 45.0
11: You have A2 and flop is KQJ. 11 outs to make either the straight or pair your Ace 23.4 23.9 41.7
10: You have 99 and flop is 789. Ten outs to improve your pair to trips or a straight. 21.3 21.7 38.4
9: Flush Draw 19.1 19.6 35.0
8: Open End Straight Draw 17.0 17.4 31.5
7: You're hold 99 and flop is 6 9 10. You have 7 outs to make full house or Quads 14.9 15.2 27.8
6: Trying to pair one of your pocket cards 12.8 13.0 24.1
5: Improving a Pair with an Overcard to a Set or Two Pair with your Overcard 10.6 10.9 20.4
4: Improving your two pair to a full house 8.5 8.7 16.5
3: You holding an A and would like another Ace 6.4 6.5 12.5
2: holding A A and wants to hit another A 4.3 4.3 8.4
1: You have 3 of a kind, and wants to make it four of a kind 2.1 2.2 4.3

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