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To be a good poker player, you must learn to read people. Learning poker tells from players will take time and pratice. Here you'll learn about common poker tells that players usually give off.

Weak is Strong and Strong is Weak
Probably the most simple tell that a player can give off. When players has a strong hand, they will act weak to slow play it. They might act like they're not interested in the hand, but yet they're still IN the hand. A player may act strong if he/she is trying to bluff the pot. Raising their voice, betting an amount that is higher than normal, or staring people down is a common bluff tactic.

All In The Eyes
The eyes can give away a lot of tells. This is why so many poker players wear sunglasses at the table. It allows players who can't hide their tell to cover their eyes from players who can read them. For example: If a player hits a card on the flop, he might stare at that card longer than usual.

Another tell from the eyes is when a player glances at his chips. That means he's interested in the hand and is already planning his move.

Looking At the Hole Cards after Flop:
If poker players are looking at their cards after a flop with a potential flush draw, that means they holding off suit cards and is looking to see if one of their cards match the flush possiblity.

Betting Patterns
This is where most poker players will reveal their tells. Players have a habit of betting the same amount when they have a strong hand, or weak hand. Some players might try to bluff on the flop, but will check the rest of the way if someone calls.

Trembling Hands
When a player hand is shaking, it means he/she is nervous. This nervousness can represent a big hand.

Taking a Long Time Before Calling a Bet
If a player looks into the pot and seems to be doing some calculating in his head, he probably is. He’s most likely figuring out the pot odds to see if it’s worth it to try and catch the cards he needs to complete his drawing hand.

Be able to read poker players takes time to master, and you will be wrong a few times. More experienced players may give off false tells to throw players off. Learning these common poker tells will not only help your poker game, it will also help you notice if you're giving any poker tells yourself.

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