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Three Card Poker StrategyPro Poker Guide's Three Card Poker Strategy

Three card poker is a fairly easy game that can be found in all casinos. It is a game that has one of the lowest house advantage. Here's a few quick tips that will help you win more.

The house edge on the ante/play bet is 2.14 percent, and the house edge on the pair plus bet is 2.32 percent, so you might think a smart player would avoid the pair plus bet. This is indeed a reasonable way to play. The trick is that, when you make your $5 ante bet, if you get a playable hand, you will have to bet another $5 to play. So, even though the house edge is lower, you're putting more money into action, and you figure to lose more after a full evening's play than if you decide just to make the $5 pair plus bet.

Most people will just look at their cards and play Queen/King or higher. Three card poker only use one deck at a time. The player wins ante if dealer does not qualify. So even if you have 5 high, you will win. This is important to remember.

You can give yourself a slight advantage by playing in a table full of players. Most players will play Queens and higher. Some players will even play Jacks. If you see a lot of players playing their hands, chance are that the dealer is holding low cards and will not qualify. On the other hand, if a lot of players are folding their hand, then the dealer has a high chance of holding a high card.

In some casino they allow you to talk with the player next to you or take a quick look at their cards. If you notice that they don't say anything, then by all mean use that to your advantage.

Hopefully this quick guide will help your three card poker game. We will update this article as new strategies are found.

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