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Wearing Sunglasses and Listening to MusicWearing Sunglasses and Listening to Music

Most poker players who is reading this article has probably played offline poker in addition to online poker. You have probably noticed a lot of poker players in the WPT and WSOP shows wearing sunglasses and/or listening to music while they play. I personally think it's a mistake to use sunglasses or a music player when you're playing in a live poker game.

Wearing Sunglasses at the Poker Table
Most players would wear sunglasses to hide their tells from their eyes. That's true for a lot of players, but in reality, you are also blocking tells from other people as well. Depending on where you play poker, the poker room doesn't usually have a good amount of sun shining in, which is what the sunglasses are made for anyway. The rooms are usually dark, and wearing sunglasses will only make everything darker.

An important part of the poker game is being able to read people. If you are wearing sunglasses, you might not be able to see as clearly as you like. The sunglasses might hinder your vision in a game where every little visual information on the opposing poker player can help. There are new poker sunglasses that is specially made for poker. We will try and review them in the near future and let you know if it's worth wearing.

Another negative aspect of wearing sunglasses when playing poker is that you might get used to it. What happens when the sunglasses accidentally breaks when you're playing in a large poker tournament? You wouldn't be able to focus on your poker game at that point. You'll be too worry about people reading you and seeing your eyes. It would totally throw you off your game.

Sunglasses might make you look cool, but is it as cool as someone winning the tournament and holding the poker winnings in his hands? If you're currently playing with sunglasses, I suggest playing without them for a few games. You might be surprise at how much visual information that you missed.

Listening to Music at the Poker Table
Another common habit that people are doing nowadays is listening to their CD or MP3 players at the poker table. This is even worse than wearing sunglasses. People who listen to music at the poker table usually slows down the game. When someone bets or raises, they wouldn't hear it and would ask how much the raise or bet is. It causes the poker game to slow down to a grind.

Listening to music also blocks you from hearing vital information. You'll be surprise at how much information you can pick up from listening to people's conversation. You could hear if people are frustrated, scared, or tilted by the tone of their voice. You'll be surprise at some of the things people mumble to themselves after a long tournament. I remember one time, it was down to me and another player at 1am in the morning. During one hand, the opposing player actually mumbled what they were holding in their hand.

Last but not least, poker is a social game that is played for fun and money. How much fun will it be if everyone is sitting at the table wearing sunglasses and listening to their music with no interaction going on at all.

This article was written by Ben Li

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