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Submit a Poker ArticleSubmit a Poker Article to PPG

Here at, we allow visitors to submit an poker related article/material for everyone to see. Your poker submission will be seen by thousands of poker players around the world. It will have full credits to you if it qualifies to be posted on the main site. is currently looking for
1) Poker Entertainment material such as jokes, comics, and stories.
2) Poker Articles and Strategies
These submission must belong to you, if the submission are not originally written by you, please get permission to use it.

If you would like to submit something to, please follow these instruction:
1) Register at our friendly poker forum.
2) Post the article or related material in one of our poker sections.
3) Private message(pm) MadCool a link to the article, and we will take a look at it.

That's all! It's that easy. By registering at our forum, we can link to your profile to go along with the article. Click here for an example on how a profile will look like. If your submission is good enough, we will use it in the main site. Even if it doesn't qualify, people will see it in the forum. Great exposure for you. If you contribute enough qualified articles, we will reward you in other ways.

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